Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Deer

Sleet bounces off the garage roof like popcorn. The sky is the color of lint, and the naked trees are the color of dust, so I hope enough snow falls today to cover some surfaces with white, to break up the monotony.

K's backyard deer don't seem fazed by the sleet. One stands guard in the woods while four others settle into a green bed of leafy ground-cover. The deer are the color of dust as well, their necks thick like tree trunks. I watched one drop down onto its front knees before collapsing its hind legs and thudding to the ground. Not at all graceful, this ancient and vulnerable maneuver. I suddenly thought of dinosaurs, though I know they aren't related. Perhaps I'm remembering a detail from Jurassic Park animators.

When the deer don't move, they become completely invisible. They must have decided I'm okay, even though I appear periodically in the window. They allow me to peer out at them in my bright blue shirt.