Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kittens Eating Me for Breakfast


WorkerBee said...

You gots kittens? I have four here right now. 2 black and whites, a grey and white, and a calico... They are 8 weeks now. Time for them to go. I will miss them.

gasket said...

Hi Bee!

Yep. Recently got two females, sisters: black with white paws, whiskers, and bibs. They are about 16 weeks old now, and though they have distinct personalities, their markings are almost exactly identical, so they are hard to tell apart. They are also hard to photograph, since they are black and don't hold still for very long! In this photo they are playing Bite & Scratch with my hand. :)

They are a joy. I'm sure you will miss your babies. :(